Jarison Advertising (Hong Kong) Company Limited is a professional advertising company registered in HONG KONG. We are a professionalservice provider of Exhibition booth, design and construction; conference event planning and on-site management; interior design and fabrication of museum, showcase and office, etc; multimedia video editing and production, etc. For the purpose to provide the best, the fastest and the tailor-made services o all our clients, Jarison moved its headquarter to the Mainland China since 2001.At present, Jarison has setup offices and production workshops in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

For many years, Jarison have a very high reputation in the field of exhibitions and conference management, due to the trendy design, quality production, professional customer services and the competitive pricing. Achieving the high level customer satisfaction is always our ultimate business objective. As a result, we won the trust from most of clients and had established the long-term business partnerships with many leading multinational companies.

China took part of the 2010 Shanghai Expo and 2008 Beijing Olympics, which are the two biggest world known events throughout decades. Jarison had the opportunity to provide its field of service in both events and fabrication which were highly recommended by our clients. Numerous media reports and millions of visitors complimented on our work during the event periods.


With our professional and variety
of field experiences in designing,
we never stop to update our information
and creativity; personalize
and custom make the proposals
and designs each time.


Customize your event and exhibits
with the newest
and most updated ideas dedicated just
to you.


A strict quality control towards every big
or small projects
to reach a 100% satisfaction by our clients.


A guaranteed perfection and
satisfaction during each personalized service.
Each individual design and
strict quality control during each project
will fulfill your need each time.


業務熱線 :+86(21)6289 8877